How to choose Plus Size Shapewear?

Why is it that every woman is turning to wearing a shapewear? It is not astounding to note that almost every woman wears shapewear nowadays. A good shapewear helps to achieve an hourglass figure and that’s why most celebrities wear them on the red carpet. For plus size ladies, you will look even better on the shapewear as they accentuate your natural shape and stress on your God given assets. Also, it offers you confidence to face people in various events and even at your place of work. Here’s what you need to know before you shop for the best plus-size shapewear for tummy control.

Guide to Plus Size Shapewear

a. Understand your levels of control

What kind of control do you need? Shapewear offer different levels of control from light to maximum strength.  The light control shapewear like shaping tights execute a great task of simply smoothing you out – that’s all you really need sometimes. Maximum and strong garments perform a bigger job of contouring your shape. The maximum garments are typically your go-out items for exceptional occasions, although some women love to rock this form of garments every day (like waist trainers).

b. Know your size

Please, ensure that you don’t make a fault of using a smaller size garment than you require because you believe it might make you appear thinner. The truth is that if it’s too tight, it will be exceptionally uncomfortable and unflattering.  Therefore, select the best plus size shapewear after you know your measurement.

c. Focus on Target areas based on your type of body

Do you understand your body size? The body type will determine the kind of shapewear that you buy so that it performs the intended job perfectly. The body types have more to do with the ratios between your waist, hips, shoulders, and bust.

d. Identify the area you want to work with

Identify the area you need to work with. Usually, numerous times you will buy shapewear thinking that it will catch all areas you’re looking to manage. However, it is not always the case. For instance, wearing belly shapewear mayn’t assist with the belly. Thus, it is important to know the types of shapewear for your body.

e.Types of Shapewear

There are various shapewear in the market and knowing the different types on the market is important in making your purchases. There are popular shapewear that we shall address to help you know your targets.

i. The Full Body

The full body shapewear covers everything and comes down to the knee area. It entails bra straps, sometimes allowing for your own bra. The full body shapewear is what you’re looking for the most coverage. My favorite shapewear is the new strapless dress alternatives with light to medium coverage.

ii. The Tank or Camisole

A camisole is efficient when you’re rocking that fitted top. The shaper tanks smooth out bra lines and can nip the waist and sometimes manage the tummy.

iii. The Shorts or Briefs

The shorts are my favorites in various styles and shaping levels. They offer additional support to the tummy and bum. I desire these in the higher waist style.

Final Thought

The guide offers an insight on the best shapewear for plus size women. It is important that you may use the data to find the best shapewear for you. If you’re struggling with muffin top, read this article on best shapewear muffin top.