Why should I buy an electric scooter?

It is no secret that an electric scooter is cheaper to ride compared to a motorcycle or a car. However, the economic part of it is not the only reason that should make you purchase one. There are tens of other reasons that can motivate you to buy an electric scooter as discussed in this article.

Reasons to buy an Electric Scooter


As highlighted in the introduction, the electric scooter is the best alternative mode of transport as it runs on battery. This makes it a cheap option as it doesn’t require gas. Charging an electric scooter can consume less than $1 in electricity cost making it an economical option.

Easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain the motor. The electric scooter doesn’t need frequent maintenance compared to cars or motorcycles. The motor has pneumatic tires that would not require frequent maintenance unless when they go flat. Also, it doesn’t have an engine that you would be required to service.

Easy to Park

The scooter is sleek in design and can be parked easily. It is also compact making it easy to carry to the office or class instead of parking it.

Cheap to Purchase

It is possible to find a good electric scooter under 300. They’re affordable for everyone and even kids can own the scooters.

Fun to Ride

There is fun in riding scooters. The kind of enjoyment that you get on the street is comparable to none. For that reason, they remain a darling for the youths and kids.

Low Carbon Footprint

Are you a lover of ecology? Do you love going green and protecting the environment?

If you love the environment, you should use an electric scooter for commuting to your workplace. The scooters don’t use gas or petrol cutting the carbon footprint in a great way.

Also, apart from not producing smoke, the motor generates less noise as it is chain operated.

Help to Save Time

Who enjoys waiting for a train in the station when he has an important meeting to attend? I believe no one. An electric scooter helps a commuter to save time. It helps to overcome the problem of heavy traffic on our roads. The rider is capable of taking shortcuts through parking lots, shopping mall, or subways.

No Need for License

The scooters have limited speeds unlike motorcycles. Thus, there is no requirement for any license. However, there are states that would require a license and people need to confirm the requirement of a license in a state.

Ease of Storage

The electric scooters are portable and lightweight. Some are foldable and you can carry them in your car or office. Thus, even if it breaks down in the middle of a road, it can be easily carried to a garage.

Final Thought

There are numerous advantages of having an electric scooter for adults. It is economical and cheap to maintain. However, there are also disadvantages of riding a scooter. The motors may move at low speed particularly when riding on a highway. Also, their resale value is low and hard to find a buyer for the second hand electric scooter.